Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A response to an obituary

A response to an obituary (didn't really know whose at the time, just assumed some I'd seen earlier before):

Don’t know why I’m sad….
I see reports of handsome people dead…
Don’t even believe them anymore…
It’s just a game,
Hiding somewhere for a time…

It’s called a time-off by me
Away from the public eye
Away from non-reality
Back to reality….

Every one needs a rest now and then
Some rest .. periodically
Some keep going, trying to get somewhere
And the rest falls down, on the way….

Not much point, it’s a long, long haul
Even in seedtime and harvest
We should fall
Down to the ground and rest a while
The more desolate .. the better…

Rest is a matter of faith also,
We rest to the extent that we believe.

Some rest, all the time without knowing it
Some never rest, though they look like it

I’m tied and not allowed to feel
What is the useless point?  I do not see
Some one trying to hijack me
Someone trying to feel for me
Hey, get off of me…
These are my emotions, long denied
And I’ll be damned if I let you try…
No, you worse than hell
You’re the most useless thing there is
Why don’t you just … not giving you a thing…

Some one killing me slowly, gently…
Trying to pretend like they are something
But they’re worse than hell…

What’s the point, everyone has something to say
Everyone fights for a chance for their day
They want to say, I push away
Oh it is a fight to the death…

Who will obey, and who will turn away
I don’t care…..

Life is worth living, every bit of it
There are those who try to deny
That something is right, when it actually is….
And they call that being right…! Can you believe it!!!!!!

My fault, as usual, ….
I was too much to handle, so they started killing me….